Why You Should Always Be Cautious On Wet Roads

wet road in forest area

A recent multiple car accident on I-49 reported no injuries but caused traffic congestion for a long period near the Pierremont Road area. Three motorists were involved in the accident, which turned out to be a costly mistake due to lack of safety precautions. News reports state that the car accident was believed to be caused by wet roads, a condition that will rapidly change the nature of driving conditions as rain begins to pour.

Wet roads are caused by rain, sleet, and snow. A road is most slippery when it first begins to rain, but hydroplaning is a common occurrence for drivers who exceed the speed limit when there is standing water on the road. Wet roads cause drivers to be less in control of the vehicle because the rainfall or precipitation will get between the road and the tires to create resistance from the tires’ turning and braking mechanism. Drivers must be additionally cautious and attentive when driving on wet roads as they are one of the most common factors leading to car accidents in Shreveport and Bossier City.

How To Avoid Wet Road Accidents

  1. Check the weather before traveling on the roads.
  2. Reduce speed; driving below the speed limit is often required to maintain safe control of the vehicle.
  3. Increase braking distance between yourself and other motorists. Hard braking can often result in loss of traction which is a common cause of wet road accidents.
  4. Pay attention to other drivers and all roadway signs and signals.
  5. Looking far enough ahead to be aware of any potential oncoming hazards.

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