Be more humble, have more compassion, and be constantly aware that my job as an attorney is to pursue justice (versus “to win”).  Be constantly aware that prosecutors I deal with today can have the same mentality that a certain prosecutor had 30 years ago.  Leave no stone unturned when searching for the truth that can keep my client out of jail.  THIS IS WHAT I LEARNED THIS WEEK.

Thirty years ago, an attorney for whom I have tremendous respect, Marty Stroud, prosecuted a capital case that resulted in Glenn Ford’s imprisonment on death row.  Last year, Mr. Ford was exonerated and set free.

The Shreveport Times ran an editorial in support of Mr. Ford’s claim for compensation from the State of Louisiana.  Mr. Stroud wrote a letter in response to the editorial (contained in the first link below).  He was interviewed by the Times and the video of that interview is also contained in the first link below.  He was interviewed by NPR’s All Things Considered and that audio and transcript is contained in the second link below.
I’m a 33-year old attorney, the same age Mr. Stroud was when he “won” this trial.  Mr. Stroud’s insight is sobering and enlightening.
Please take the time to read the letter written to the Shreveport Times, watch the video, AND KNOW THAT MISTAKES ARE MADE DAILY IN THE PROSECUTION OF ALLEGED CRIMINALS.