After a serious personal injury caused by an accident, Josh Clayton always holds negligent parties responsible. He helps you fight for the entire compensation you deserve and works hard to protect your interests and full legal rights.

At Josh Clayton Law, we have the experience when it comes to personal injury law in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana. Whether you were hurt on the job, involved in a car accident, or suffered other forms of personal injury, you can count on us to work hard to seek justice and the compensation that you deserve.

Damages You May Be Entitled To Recover:

  1. Past, Current, and Future Medical Bills
  2. Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
  3. Lost Wages and Compensation
  4. Property Damage
  5. Pain & Suffering
  6. Loss of Companionship
  7. Other Injury and Accident Related Costs


At Josh Clayton Law Firm, we understand that our clients often come to us immediately after a life-changing event. Any type of accident could leave you struggling physically, emotionally or even mentally. The financial burden that comes with an injury can take a heavy toll on your peace of mind. As your devoted and dedicated personal injury attorney, Josh Clayton is committed to representing the innocently injured people in and around the entire Shreveport – Bossier Louisiana area. Let us help you after suffering personal injury due to an accident, call our offices today for a free legal consultation.


Every year, thousands of Americans file a personal injury lawsuit with an attorney. Personal injury claims are one of the most common forms of civil litigation and are filed when a person has sustained an injury to their person or their property which was the result of wrongful or negligent actions on the part of some third party.

What is striking is that many people living in and around Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, are unaware of just how often these things happen on a nationwide basis. There are around 31 million people that injured every year in the US (roughly 10 percent of the population) with more than 2 million requiring hospitalization. On top of that, nearly 162,000 injuries are fatal.

Some places of work are worse than others, according to attorneys, on a per capita basis. For instance, in the construction sector, there are more than 300,000 personal injuries every year. Personal injury claims in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, are most commonly the result of things like dog bites, traffic accidents, construction accidents, and defective products.

Fortunately, for people living near Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, these incidents and injuries need not go unchallenged. With more than 60 percent of all property and tort trials related in some way to personal injury, it is important that you make the right decision in choosing your personal injury attorney. Josh Clayton, has the has experience battling to get the money that his clients deserve for their personal injury cases


The most common form of personal injury claim filed by attorneys are motor vehicle accidents, comprising more than 52 percent of all personal injury claims, and around 5 percent of all personal injury cases were the result of product liability.

It’s important to note, however, that the vast majority of personal injury cases filed with attorneys never actually go to court. In 2005, for instance, the total number of tort cases was just 16,397, or about 4 percent of the total, implying that the vast majority of personal injury cases in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, result in settlements.



Success rates differ by the type of personal injury that has occurred. For instance, victims of personal injury involving a motor vehicle were successful in making a claim 61 percent of the time. Victims are slightly less successful in product liability cases, which they win their cases around 38 percent of the time. Finally, it’s worth looking at how much personal injury victims living in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, can expect to win on a claim.

The median award for a personal injury claim is $31,000, on average, for all personal injury cases. For the most common form of personal injury – those involved in motor vehicle accidents – attorneys managed to secure, on average, $16,000 for their clients. Product liability cases had a median payout of more than $748,000 according to statistics from 2005, although, with inflation, this is likely to be a lot higher today.

In some cases of personal injury, you won’t be immediately taken to a hospital, so the first thing you should do is go to the doctor for a full medical report on your condition. If referred for tests, remember to keep records for your attorney.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and you were transported from the scene by an ambulance, you’ll be able to give personal injury attorneys a copy of the medical report produced by hospital staff.

Lastly, get copies of the police report if one was generated. Police reports are always generated when there is a motor vehicle accident, and have helped many Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, residents reinforce their claims. Police reports are a great memory-jogger and can be used in conjunction with your attorney to identify all possible parties that are responsible for your injury.


If you have suffered a personal injury and live in Shreveport or Bossier City, Louisiana, and unsure about the next steps, here is a detailed process to assist you when filing your personal injury claim with your attorney:

Claiming Compensation: What You Need to Know
Every year, thousands of people in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, go to an attorney to find out whether they can make a personal injury claim. Anybody who wants to successfully file a personal injury claim and get compensation needs to follow a very particular process.

Preparing Your Claim
To help your attorney make a compelling case on your behalf, it’s worth doing some preparation. The first thing to do is to define the extent of your injuries, making sure you have a detailed description of the harm done to your body.

The next step is to estimate the total financial cost of your injuries. The costs of personal injury usually fall into two categories: medical costs and financial costs (in the form of lost wages). First, calculate the medical expenses and consider the cost of ongoing treatment from medical facilities. This includes not only the cost of drugs and bills from the hospital but also any payments for ongoing care, including modifications to your home. Second, estimate how much money you could have earned. For instance, if you’ve had to cut down on your hours of work, keep a record of this that you can report to your attorney.

Taking Your Personal Injury Case to Court
Insurance companies are often willing to settle outside of court. In some cases, however, they won’t, and this can be a problem.

The Discovery Period

When an attorney considers your claim, the first thing that they will do is enter a period known as “discovery.” This is the period immediately following your attorney filing for a personal injury lawsuit in which both the defendant and you, the plaintiff, have an opportunity to share witness information and evidence.

The process of discovery can sometimes mean investigating your personal background, although there are some conversations which are protected from discovery, including conversations that you have with your spouse, as well as conversations between attorneys and their clients.

Further Settlement Discussions

During the period of discovery, new information might be obtained by you and your attorney that could help your case. As part of the discovery process, you can ask the other party for admissions, meaning that they have to answer factual questions about events under oath.

You can also ask for depositions or ask the other party to produce documents which you believe are relevant. Often, this new information can help settle the case before it goes to trial. If the discovery process fails to produce an adequate settlement, you or your personal injury attorney will have to go to trial to resolve your claim.

Hire the Best Personal Injury Attorney

It’s important that before you even become involved in a stalemate negotiation with insurers and to hire a professional attorney. As soon as you are injured or are in a car accident, you need to call attorney Josh Clayton.

You don’t want to go through rounds of back and forth with insurance companies or the parties responsible for your injury. We will analyze your case and give you advice on how to successfully get the money & Compensation you deserve. Josh Clayton Law Firm will review your case free of charge, which is great news if you’re already out of pocket because of medical bills.